RW Subs

RW's Subs is currently in the process of getting licensed to sell franchises in the next few months. Our concept has a very low cost for starting your own restaurant. No large grease-traps, hood-systems, or expensive point of sales systems are needed. We have a very simple concept to operate along with minimal food waste and labor cost. Set your own hours to fit your particular market. RW's Subs has a successful marketing program to bring you in store traffic and outside catering sales as well. There are additional revenue streams in place to insure success for your store. You will receive discounted price breaks from food vendors to help keep your food cost low. We will be offering very small franchise fees and royalty payments for the first few franchises to join us. All three of the owners have a combined 60 years food experience in the restaurant experience industry to help guide and support you along the way. If interested, please call Pops at 404-457-4542 or just drop by the store.